Set the width of an input field in an inline formset

To set the width of an input field in an inline formset, you can specify the widget and its attributes in the inlineformset_factory call. For example:
 LineFormSet = forms.models.inlineformset_factory(Document, DocumentLine, 
-                  fields=['seqno', 'sku', 'desc', 'qty', 'unit_price'])
+                  fields=['seqno', 'sku', 'desc', 'qty', 'unit_price'], 
+                  widgets={
+                    'seqno': forms.TextInput(attrs={'size':'10'}),
+                    'sku': forms.TextInput(attrs={'size':'10'}),
+                    'desc': forms.TextInput(attrs={'size':'50'}),
+                    'qty': forms.TextInput(attrs={'size':'10'}),
+                    'unit_price': forms.TextInput(attrs={'size':'10'})})
Reference: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.7/topics/forms/modelforms/#specifying-widgets-to-use-in-the-inline-form

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